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Simplest answer is divided into two and a balance of both.
A) Where are you on the spectrum  – with regards to several things. One being…reading people body language or being in touch with their vibrations [ another see saw here]
B) How the behaviour modifications within your life have ‘taught’ you to cope verses are those behaviour modifications still able to cope in your present circumstances [ again another slippery side pivotal point]

For myself, there are definite memories of being in a family where there were a polarity pull between two parents values/society’s expectations and the clash of new cultural normalities [the sixties and seventies] plus an obvious physical disability.

The seventies had me serving in a series of local shops after school – this taught me how to approach people wearing a uniform… Marrying the two together taught me how to mentally clock self in a mental uniform.  Met to be and married husband by the time I was 19.

Had this support network and things were going okay.

Major var crash in 1991.  Lost all memories.  They were there under a lockdown of the brain.  Was in a position as a parent where I had to push self out to intermingle.  Children’s activities and business to tun.

Now in a situation where everything I knew had stopped when I was pushed mentally to a point where I faced total meltdown.  Left that work situation [ mental abuse – once I identified what was actually happening].  Much support from close family members around [ including the husband / still great friend ] and a few others mostly one group of people online and always accessible.

The online people pulled me though as I had become introverted from real life.  It hurt too much and my mental uniform was in very thin layers  / threadbare and just holding together with many holes and shreds appearing.

When I go out to a public gather either it is with the intention of being behind a camera or a place where when it is overcharged I can read a book or make notes of thoughts in a notebook.  Or just with a small group of peoples who I have known a while.  One of these and two people I do not know well has me in extraverted behavior again.  Uncomfortable and embarrassing to say the least. I then want to go home by self.

The net is different … the computer screen is my uniform shield.  By the time I meet people from the other side of the net I have read them, know what they portray and am willing to work within the group’s situation.  Unknown yet if on one to one basis this is possible without wearing the one in charge -a  leader uniform.  Have previously been in charge of youth for 20 years.  Again another uniform and seen to be apart of the community.

Does this answer your question?

Are all autists introverts by default?